Winter Driving Tips

Winter Driving Tips

Winter Driving Tips – Stay Safe on the Roads

Brought to you by County Specialist Vehicles, Taunton

As the winter season approaches, driving conditions become increasingly challenging. At County Specialist Vehicles in Taunton, we prioritise not only the quality of the vehicles we sell but also the safety and well-being of our customers. Here are some essential winter driving tips to help you navigate the roads safely during the colder months.

1. Ensure Your Vehicle is Winter-Ready

Before the winter sets in, it’s crucial to ensure your vehicle is prepared for the harsh conditions. Check your battery, lights, tyres (including tyre pressure and tread depth), brakes, and windscreen wipers. Consider fitting winter tyres for improved traction and control.

2. Keep a Winter Emergency Kit

In your boot, carry a winter emergency kit that includes items such as a shovel, de-icer, ice scraper, torch, warm clothing, blankets, and some snacks. These can be invaluable if you find yourself stranded or delayed.

3. Plan Your Journey

Plan your route in advance and check the weather forecast. Allow extra time for your journey and, if possible, stick to major roads which are more likely to have been cleared and gritted.

4. Drive According to the Conditions

Adjust your driving to suit the conditions. In wet, icy, or snowy weather, reduce your speed, increase your stopping distance, and avoid harsh braking or sharp steering movements.

5. Use Lights and Indicators Clearly

In reduced visibility, always use your headlights and ensure your indicators are clear and functioning so other road users can see your intentions.

6. Be Prepared for Sun Glare

Low winter sun can cause significant glare. Keep sunglasses in your vehicle and use your sun visor to help reduce the effect.

7. Regularly Check Traffic Updates

Stay informed about the latest traffic conditions and any road closures or delays. Listening to local radio or using traffic apps can help you stay updated.

At County Specialist Vehicles, we’re committed to helping you stay safe on the roads, especially during the winter months. If you have any concerns about your vehicle’s winter readiness, our team in Taunton is here to assist. Visit us for a winter vehicle check-up and drive with confidence, no matter the weather.

For more information or advice, feel free to contact us or visit our dealership. Stay safe and enjoy your winter travels!

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