Caravan Tyres

We can supply and fit a wide range of caravan tyres in Somerset for your caravan, all at competitive rates.

As a caravanner you know of the importance of the tyres on your van. There are many factors to be aware of in the care and maintenance of you tyres which can affect the handling and safety of your caravan.

Caravans that sit on their tyres all winter and lead to flat spots. It is recommended to move your van from time to time so it does not sit on the same spot.

A typical life expectancy for a caravan tyre is 5 years. Look for signs of cracking as UV plays a part in tyre life.

If your unsure about your tyres before a long journey, pop by our service dept. and they can access your tyres for you.

For more advice please see the Tyresafe website

Tips for checking your tyre pressures correctly:

  1. Check your tyre pressure at least once a month or before a long journey.
  2. Tyre pressure should be checked against the vehicle and caravan manufacturers’ recommended levels. These can be found in the vehicle handbooks.
  3. Check the pressure when tyres are cold (i.e. when you have travelled less than two miles).
  4. If you are carrying a full load of passengers or luggage or will be towing a trailer or caravan, tyre pressures should be increased in line with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. Details can be found in the handbook.
  5. Ensure a reliable and accurate pressure gauge is used.
  6. Check the pressure in all tyres not forgetting to check any spare tyres as well.
  7. While checking pressures, give the rest of the tyre a visual inspection. Remove any stones and other objects embedded in the tread. Look out for any bulges, lumps, cracks or cuts.